September EP




Full Lossless Quality!

A stunning 3 track debut collaboration between UK producer donJohnston and vocalist Leo Wood. To the uninitiated, this EP might appear to signal the arrival of a fantastic new talent on an already vibrant British Electro Swing scene. In fact donJohnston is one of the promoters and resident DJs behind the long-running Cabaret Voltaire club night in Exeter and has been a regular fixture at Electro Swing clubs and Festivals across the UK and Europe for the last 3 years.

Here he uses that experience to provide a lush, complex and brooding background for the outstandingly gorgeous vocals of local chanteuse, Leo Wood. Whatever you say about it however, this EP truly shines…. just listen!

The EP is available from iTunes and all download platforms from September (when else?) 2013.

“Swing-flavoured breakbeat doesn’t get much better than this; each of these cuts are coated in Leo Wood’s emphatic vocals, giving them an air of genuine authenticity and musicianship that the swing breaks scene is often lacking. “September” is the most swaggersome of the trio, making reference to the bold, belching bass sound that Featurecast has made his own in recent years. “I Need Swing” lets Leo take the lead with a folky flex before mighty slide guitars swoon into the mix while “No Good” closes the show on a more uptempo, jazzy fix. Exemplary swing, each and every one; this needs your attention.” (Juno Download)